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  • Troubleshooting Tips For Your Window AC

    There’s nothing worse than a faulty AC on a hot summer day. But like all machines, sometimes your AC goes on the fritz, and you’ll need to do some air conditioner troubleshooting. We’ll review some common AC problems and AC troubleshooting solutions so when your machine loses its cool, you don’t lose yours. 

  • How Does An Air Conditioner Work

    Knowing how an air conditioner works will keep you cooler and save you money, so it’s worth learning the basics. We’ll go over the mechanics behind your AC, as well as some general knowledge about your cooling system.

  • How to Reduce Indoor Humidity Levels

    In this blog, we’ll give a brief explainer on the basics of humidity, reveal the ideal humidity for your home, and teach you how to reduce indoor humidity.

  • Cool Mist Humidifiers vs. Air Conditioners

    Today we’re going to cover an air conditioning adjacent product: humidifiers. We’ll cover the benefits of a cool mist humidifier versus an air conditioner, discuss the benefits of using both products, and definitively answer the question, “Is an air conditioner a humidifier?”

  • How to use an AC Sizing Chart for Window Air Conditioner

    When picking a window air conditioner, you might think that it’s always better to go with a more powerful machine. But once you’ve figured out the dimensions of your window and which features you need in a unit, there’s one more measurement to take: BTU.

  • How to Insulate Your Window AC Unit

    A well-insulated AC runs more efficiently which keeps you cooler and costs less money to operate. We’ll cover how to insulate a window AC unit, how to check the seal around your window AC unit, and how to winterize your unit so it can remain installed throughout the year.

  • How to Decorate Around a Window Air Conditioner

     if you don’t have a Windmill (yet!), you may want to know how to hide a window air conditioner or how to make a window air conditioner look better. And even if you have a Windmill, you might want to know how to decorate without reducing your AC’s functionality

  • How to Cool Down Your Upstairs Apartment

    We’ll cover those heat-adding factors and how to cool down an upstairs apartment efficiently and effectively. Figure out which of these tips work best for your home and you’ll be able to effectively chill where you chill out

  • Air Conditioning and Wildfire Smoke

    It's important to understand how we can protect ourselves from wildfires and wildfire smoke. This blog will explain how smoke enters your home, and answer questions like “Do air conditioners filter wildfire smoke?” In addition, we’ll cover different types of air conditioners, explaining how portable ACs might not filter smoke while window unit ACs do filter smoke

  • Air Conditioner Making Whistling Noise Inside The House

    Everyone’s AC makes noise. The fan and the compressor both produce sound while they’re running. But not all AC noises are created equal. If your air conditioner is making a whistling noise inside your house then something is wrong with your AC unit. In this blog, we’ll cover air filter whistling noise, air flow whistling noise, and other sounds which signify something is wrong with your AC unit.

  • What is Freon and How You Can Avoid Risks

    What is Freon? Is Freon dangerous? Where can you buy Freon? Should you be adding Freon to your AC unit? This blog will teach you everything you need to know about Freon, refrigerants, and safety regarding these chemicals.

  • How Long Does an AC Last?

    Whenever you purchase a new appliance, it’s important to consider when you might need to repurchase the unit. This is especially important with potential high-usage appliances like window air conditioners.